How we engage

Every living development is a network of systems and Dhun re-examines each of these systems with a detailed, holistic approach. Education, the arts, commerce, transportation, work and play are all crucial elements of a thriving civilization. Dhun re-approaches these systems with fresh eyes, simplifying and redesigning them to be maximally productive yet adaptable to the diverse needs of an individual and a quickly-evolving technological atmosphere.

Our approach seeks to provide fundamental solutions which confront systemic issues at their root. Essentially, Dhun aims to re-establish our connection with nature and ourselves in the simplest, purest forms possible. To achieve this, we prioritize a reverent, symbiotic relationship with nature, lifelong learning, collaboration, and opportunities for reflection and focus for the individual.

Our goal is to create the necessary conditions for a mutualistic community, curating the physical environment in such a way as to free up one’s time and mind for the simple enjoyment of being oneself. By establishing a diverse set of networked, interactive resources, we believe Dhun will become a living environment that creates and supports a set of networked, interactive people. In short, we are building a community that inspires and supports itself.

Our quest to re-contextualize the individual begins with India’s local traditional artisans—masterful craftspeople who are strangers to the opportunities and resources enjoyed by their modern, international peers.

Dhun’s incubator program unites these two worlds through collaboration, to learn from each other’s techniques and perspectives, reinventing their art forms for a contemporary international market. This short film was created as a pilot in Jaisalmer which documents the initial stages of two such collaborations in the areas of sculptural land art and music.