Dhun Synergy Lab will be a space for multi-disciplinary change-makers to work with access to resources and mentorship. It will serve as an intimate laboratory of interaction and innovation — a space where unusual ideas are conceived, nourished and launched.

The haveli Project

We collected and preserved the façades of 31 Havelis which were being demolished to be replaced by modern structures. Our team collaborated with conservation architects to methodically archive the 70-350 year old structures before they were torn down. We intend to use them in various public spaces throughout the community.


We conducted an in-depth study of building materials and prototype experimentation which reimagine indigenous construction techniques within 50 km of Dhun’s site radius. We also studied over 70 stepwells across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to understand complex water systems.

The Jeena Project

Jeena is being conceptualised as a subterranean, contemporary and cognitive space that draws inspiration from stepped wells across the world. Linked to Dhun’s existing water system, this structure will integrate diverse community activities and gatherings.