Why are we doing it

Humanity is in crisis. We have watched civilisations outgrow the systems it has put in place to secure its future and now it is clear that many of these systems are no longer relevant in our present context, much less that of our future. These are systems which are dependent on outmoded ways of thinking and resistant to change, in a time when the rate of change has become exponential and adaptability is essential to survival. Ours has become a society which largely neglects the inherent beauty and ingenuity of both the natural environment and the individual, hurtling towards extinction whilst surrounded by untapped cultural and material resources.

Our development practices in particular require a major course-correction, not merely an adjustment. A new foundation must be conceived—a vast undertaking which requires careful consideration and experimentation. In short, we require a blank slate, a fresh opportunity to begin again in order to see what is possible. For this reason, we have decided to create a new kind of living development from scratch.